I’m glad you wondered what Drawality is!

Let’s try to explain.

First of all, Drawality is a webcomic, which you probably already figured out by yourself. “Another webcomic”, you say? Yes, but don’t worry, this one is unlike any webcomic you have ever seen, that’s a guaranty! Why? It’s in the way we create this comic.

We create this webcomic with the two of us, but we never talked (or will talk) about the story. It’s a bit like a game of tag. First Right draws a page, then Left draws one and then Right goes again… you get the idea. So whatever happens on a page is only decided on the very moment the picture gets drawn by the one who draws it.

This way you, nor we, ever know what is going to happen next. Nothing of this comic is planned out or thought of before it ends up on paper. Not the setting, not the characters, not the media used, not the colour, nothing.

So, what does this mean for you? Basically this means that you will see a lot of different kinds of drawings, as both of our styles are pretty different, and will develop probably in different ways. Plus, we like to experiment, so sometimes you might see changes in the media used, character features get changed, or just things happening nobody was able to guess (remember, even we don’t know what’s going to happen!). Of course, if there are any big changes made, we will always try our best to make it possible for you to recognize the characters and follow what’s happening.

So, if you like to support something new and experimental, please read our comic.

If you really like us, feel free to donate us, which will make it easier for us to buy more and better tools, keeping the comic changing and, of course, improving.

The Creators

Left by Right

How to describe Left.. The first time I met him I thought he was a cool kid. But later he turned out to be quite OK, although he has a lot of phsycological problems.
He is in CA, collectors anonymous, for collecting literary everything, from transformers to just stuff with sparkles. He is in constant inner conflict because he hates designers and people from the country Holland while being a dutch designer, and he worships, and talks to, cats.
But besides his issues, he is a good dude. He really digs Japan, and can cook nice.. or at least better than me. He is a bit bitchy about cooking though, he doesn’t like other people making his food or union peals in the sink.
So to help him with his mental state I agreed to help him in this therapy project, the web comic.


Right by Left

This twisted kid is a mess. Whenever you see him he’s either bashing nails in the wall or soldering stuff… I personally think he is making some wicked machine capable of realizing your worst nightmares. The small robots he’s building are probably part of a bigger whole.. I’m not sure why I started this with him. Am I part of his dark plan to take over the world? You know, sometimes he really seems like a nice guy, but I know that underneath all the friendly smiles lies my nemesis, waiting to stab my back when the time is right. He probably is steps ahead of me already..I mean, he already built his own internet, plus the learning algorithm he built can probably speak by now. Am I being paranoid? I know.. I know.. I can’t wait here until he strikes right? I have to start building now.. robots..armies of them. He might think I don’t see trough him.. but I’m sure about this. Really, I am.